Avon Elastomers India

Over the past four decades, we have progressed at a fast pace and have upgraded our range with better quality products. Our EVA Modifier, TPE Compound, SBS & SEBS Based PVC Compound Vergin & Reprocessed, Compact & Expanded Special masterbatch of Blowing.,TPR compounds,TPE-SEBS,TPVs,TPU AND PVC/NBR Blends are used in soles of footwear and other industries by various clients in India.
All Products Complies to reach norms with regards to substance of very high concern(SVHC) and within permissible limits or free from heavy metals and hazardous chemicals and nonylphenols as per European Union(EU) norms.


Serving the footwear industry since 1965, we are a trusted source and exporter of a wide range of High quality Thermo plastic rubber compound-TPR,TPE-SEBS,TPVs,TPU, PVC/NBR BLENDS. Our range of products includes TPR/TPE compounds-SBS AND SEBS Based, TPU thermoplastic-POLYETHER AND POLYESTER Based,TPVs,Colour Masterbatches in dry blends/ pigments.

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